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Do you let your kids have more than 2 hours of screen time each day?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has changed their screen time recommendations, finally doing away with the 2-hour-a-day limit.  Instead, the new recommendations focus more on quality of screen time rather than quantity. More than 80,000 apps are labeled as educational, but little research validates their quality. As a pediatrician and homeschooling mother of five children, policing my kids’ media use has become a daily occupation.  Do you let your kids have more than 2 hours of screen time?  If so, what content are they using/watching?  Here is my list of 16 best educational websites and apps for 2016.home-cinema-setup-2-1361428-m

Would you give you kids melatonin to help them sleep?

sleepinggirlMelatonin is a natural hormone that regulates sleep.  Anyone can buy melatonin for kids, even babies, at any drug store.  It’s not FDA regulated, and its safety is controversial.  Would you give it to your kids?

What is the most annoying toy in your house?


Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton, how will moms vote?

Hillary is predicted to win the female vote, but what do moms really think?  Vote here and express your voice!  MommyVotes

Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz– how will moms vote?

Cruz is thought to have a lead over Trump among likely republican voters, but what do moms think?  Vote here and be heard now!MommyVotes

Donald Trump vs. Marco Rubio– how will moms vote?

Trump is beating Rubio in the polls, but will moms really vote for Trump?  Vote here and let your voice be heard now!MommyVotes

Dr. Ben Carson vs. Donald Trump– how will moms vote?

Dr. Ben Carson has been strong among older voters, but what do moms think?  Would you vote for Dr. Carson over Donald Trump?MommyVotes

Who will you vote for in the Republican Presidential Primary? Moms voices matter.

Vote here and let your voice be heard now.  MommyVotes

Would you put your teen on anxiety medication?

Sad_Summer_Girl_PortraitAccording to recent results from the Stress in America Study, teens are now more stressed out than adults:

  • 40% feel irritable or angry
  • 36% feel nervous or anxious
  • 31% feel overwhelmed due to stress in the past month
  • 36% feel fatigued or tired, and
  • Almost 30% reported feeling depressed or sad

8 ways teens are hurting themselves on purpose: true stories and honest opinions about teen stress and depression from the trenches. 

Are your kids stressed out?  Would you put your child on anxiety medication?

Did you get a flu shot this year?

syringe picture45% of Americans got the flu shot.  Did you?  Why or why not?

What is the flu, really?

Do you spank your kids?

spanking picture94% of American parents spank their kids.  Do you?

What do you think about homeschooling?

Berchelmann-Homework-300x200_0About 2 million American kids are home schooled, and some have called homeschooling the “fasted growing educational trend.”  Do parents have a right to home school?  Should the government regulate it?

This pediatrician-mom home schools her own kids.

This pediatrician doesn’t always support homeschoolers. 

When did your kids stop picking their nose?

expressions-of-mads-1-466020-mSome people think picking your nose might actually be good for you, others feel it spreads germs.  I think we all agree it’s gross.  When did your kids stop picking their nose?  How did you get them to break the habit?

Should parents have guns?

gun photoDo guns and kids ever belong under the same roof?  Some people feel the risk of gun-ownership is too high for families with children.  Other parents feel guns help them protect their family.  What do you think?

Should the government support paid maternity leave?

DSC_0191The United States remains one of three countries that don’t mandate paid maternity leave.

  • About 50% of first-time moms in the United States are able to take any paid leave after childbirth.
  • 20% of working women with young children receive leave with full pay, according to a review of the most recent Census data by the Washington, DC–based advocacy group National Partnership for Women & Families.

Is it time to change?

When do you let your kids use public restrooms by themselves?

signs-signs-751032-mThe National Center for Missing and Exploited Children feels that children of any age should not be permitted to use public restrooms alone.  Really?  Seems rather impractical.  When do you let your kids use public restrooms alone?

Do you co-sleep with your babies?

MomBabyCribMoms have slept with their babies for most of antiquity, but many people feel sleeping with your baby in the same bed puts them at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Do you sleep with your baby? (Or, did you sleep with your baby when (s)he was an infant?)

Would you “red shirt” your child, starting them in kindergarten late?

OwenBackpackWould you intentionally send your child to kindergarten a year late so that they would be among the older children in the class?

Would you have a home birth?

newbornRicki Lake’s movie, “The Business of Being Born” has made many moms think seriously about home birth.  Would you plan a home birth?